Welcome to my website!

This website belongs to Raghavendra Meena, PhD candidate at Wageningen University & Research


Hi👋! My name is Raghavendra (RV), a fourth-year PhD candidate at Wageningen University & Research. I wanted to build a website to put forward my thoughts in the form of text and pictures about my research work on sustainable energy solutions, showcase the photographs of beautiful places I have visited, pretty 3-D images rendered by me in Blender, and maybe some small blogs (about science, football, or philosophy), but not limited to these topics.

To summarize, I do science, love football, and take photographs. Besides these core domains, I like listening to music a lot (can't put a pin on a genre) and reading books, and I am also learning to play guitar. I also like to paint, which I did in high school, and I plan to pick it up again. However, my latest hobby is building this website, and I work on it time-to-time.

As of now, I have put my academic CV on this page. On the Photographs collection page, I have uploaded the photographs I have taken during my trips around the world. Soon, I plan to upload more than 100 more pictures and arrange these photographs in a certain way, so it is easy to navigate through them.

NOTE: Please feel free to use the photographs I uploaded (just NOT for commercial purpose), and it is up to you if you feel like giving credits. Cheers, have a good day :)

This website is still a work in progress ⚠️
Last updated on October 5, 2023.